Envision WebTech are providing high-end, JQuery training.

JQuery is the most popular client-side scripting language. It is today’s commonly used JavaScript library and is based on ECMAScript. Fresh students or beginners may be thinking of JAVA. JQuery should not be confused with Java as it is totally different from Java. It is a latest and most thrilling IT technology that makes the internet more interactive and enjoyable with simple, concise or less code.


6 months/6 weeks professional training in JQuery

Backed by a staff of professional trainers, we at Envision WebTech offer 6 months/6 weeks professional training in JQuery. Our Jquery training course is primarily focused on creating applications with the help of other web technologies such as HTML5, Javascript and CSS3. Our professional trainers have great expertise in this field and will teach you with a series of required lessons and practice exercises. These exercises and lessons support you in maximizing your performance on your job.

Enhance student’s skill level

We at Envision WebTech incorporate Jquery training in Chandigarh, which is totally designed according to current IT market. If you are interested to gather professional experience in such demanding technology along with the live project environment, then this training program is for you.