Beginner’s Guide – How to Learn HTML5

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January 5, 2016
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January 6, 2016

Beginner’s Guide – How to Learn HTML5

Are you beginning a new career in the web design field? If your answer is “YES”, you need to start by learning most important and required  HTML5. This blog post is going to help you about – What is HTML5, difference between HTML & HTML5, Why should learn HTML5, what do you need for learning HTML5 and much more.

Difference between HTML & HTML5?

As a fresher, both HTML & HTML5 are commonly confusing term for you. HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) is the core language to begin with web page creation. And also this core language is essential for students who dream to head start a career in the development area. On the other hand, HTML5 is the current available fifth version of HTML after HTML4 & XHTML, which is globally used over the web (W3C) for structuring & presenting content.

Why Should to Learn HTML5?

HTML5 is a very easy core language for designers. It does not take too much time to learn HTML5. As a beginner, it is easy to head-start a career as an HTML developer within a short time period. A skilled HTML web designer can view the source code without facing any difficulty and update the wrong images as per correct CSS rule and make the, work correctly. But, keep in mind that you can inspect such issues and make them correct only if you are an expert in HTML5. Since Responsive and device friendly designs and websites are the current and future trend, it is essential for a designer to be proficient in HTML5. Later with experience, a HTML5 Designer can easily move to become a Frontend developer.

What Do You Need for Learning HTML5?

Learning HTML5 with dedication, devotion & practice – is the only key to become an expert in this field. While starting to HTML5, there is the need of code-editor. In Windows operating system, a pre-installed notepad is available to work for you as a code-editor. In addition to code-editor and Windows OS, you can use some text editors like Coda 2, Sublime Text, WYSIWYG editors, Komodo Edit and others as per the OS available to you. Moreover, there are numerous free text editors available on the web. While starting with HTML5 learning, you need to learn some basic HTML tags & elements (area, base, keygen, command, embed, br, col, hr, img, input, track, link, meta, source, wbr, etc) and also the structure of an HTML5 webpage. Adobe Photoshop and other tools are also needed to create attractive designs and later convert them to responsice HTML5 website.

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